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"Before going to see Serena I had so much anxiety and panic attacks that it felt the world was collapsing around me. It affected my family life, career, hobby and life didn’t feel worth living for. I was becoming afraid of everything. After the first couple of sessions I was feeling far better than I had in a long time and by the end of the therapy my life had completely changed. I’m up for promotion, my relationships are doing great and that cloud of fear and anxiety is so far gone I wouldn’t recognise it if I saw it. I’m feeling better than I can ever remember feeling and with each day that passes, I’m feeling better  and better.
Thanks for everything Serena, I’ll never forget what you’ve done for me!!"


"Working with Serena has helped me so much with my anxiety. The anxiety I felt had built up so much that it was really affecting my day-to-day life. Serena was so helpful, patient and understanding. I am feeling great now and have enthusiasm for everyday life again ! Through the sessions, I’ve learned a lot about how the mind works, and having this understanding now helps me so much in keeping my anxiety at bay. Thank you Serena !"

Female Teacher, age 25

"I attended conselling with Serena earlier this year to help me cope with difficulties within the family. Although my family situation has not changed with the help of Serena I have learned to be happy myself and I am coping with the situation so much better. 

A big thank you Serena. 


“Serena’s service was fantastic. She was so understanding, patient and most importantly for me a great listener. I’d recommend her highly to anyone, thanks to Serena I’m finally  back on my feet”


“Our sessions provided a safe, private and comfortable space for me to understand my needs.  Serena listened deeply to me, she was reflective and non-judgemental during our conversations. I felt empowered and enabled to face my difficulties through our work together. My time with Serena was both valuable and worthwhile in supporting myself. In doing so, I have been able to support others in my life.”

Mother of 4 

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